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It Pays to be Fit! Apps/Websites That Pay You to be Fit!

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I know this is a little bit out of the norm of what I usually write about, but I know that being healthy and losing weight is something that a lot of people struggle with. I have struggled for years with my weight, especially after having children. And even though I have decided that I needed to do something about my weight and unhealthy living habits, I still struggle daily with doing right as far as getting healthy!


I’ve always been interested in ways to make extra money, even if it is just a little here and there and I don’t have to put an effort into making the money. I have a smartphone and I use Fitbit Fitness Tracker, and recently I have been looking into ways to make money JUST FOR BECOMING FIT! If money and rewards don’t motivate you to get healthy, I don’t know what will! Here is a list I’ve compiled of apps/websites that reward you to get healthy and to stay fit! If I’ve missed any, please add in the comments!

Rewards for using your tracker-
Walgreen’s Balance Reward Points-
If you have a Balance Rewards card with Walgreen’s, great! If not, it’s super easy to do so through their website or their Walgreens app. You can connect your tracker to their app, and start earning reward points just for getting your steps in each days! If you are a shop at Walgreens and love their deals, you know getting reward points is a great thing!
FitStudio by Sears/K-Mart-
This is a website (I couldn’t find an app on the Android market!) But, you get $5 for every 14 miles that you walk. A lot of people say that it’s very easy to earn $5-$10 per week if you wear your tracker daily. You will need to go through the website and it will say “add device” and you will then be directed to your trackers website to connect both accounts. This is a great way to stock up on $$$$! Especially if you shop at K-Mart or Sears. Great for stockpiling for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because gifts!
Earn points the more active you are. There are also challenges tied to this one. You can set up challenged with friends who also use this site or do worldwide challenges. I don’t know why, but challenges motivate me to push harder. Maybe that’s the competitive person in me coming out! This is just a website, no app yet!
This is similar to Earndit. Both are promoted by Fitbit Fitness Tracker…and the best part. There’s an app for it!
This is also a website which allows you to earn points and redeem for rewards such as giftcards. You can also add MyFitnessPal to earn more points! This one will cut you a check once you get to $50! It might seem like it will take awhile, but if all you have to do is walk, how easier could it get?
This app pays you to go to the gym, track your fitness activity and food intake through apps like MyFitnessPal. BUT, if you don’t keep your pact, you pay up! That’s right. It is hooked to your Paypal account and if you commit to 3 days of being active and only do 2, you pay money. That will motivate ya, huh?

Non-tracker apps/websites that reward you-
This is an app, but you don’t need a tracker. It is pretty neat, but just started using a couple of days ago and haven’t ran into any issues. You do have to go into the app and push in that you are walking, running, ect. The app will keep running in the background so you can listen to music or Facebook while you are exercising. AND, a plus to it, you don’t have to hold your phone the entire time.
This is also a new one that I’ve only been using for a couple weeks. I have already redeemed a Redbox movie from it. There are different levels. This tracks your activity, water intake, weight, and medicine. I don’t take daily medicine, but do take vitamins. It alerts you and you earn points as you ”check in” each day.
If you are cashing out for Christmas or a special shopping, you might want to do it several months in advance because I’ve seen where some might take a couple months to get your reward!
3 John 1:2 “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”
Lord, I pray that you give us the strength and willpower to get healthy for ourselves and for our family. Help us to instill these healthy habits on our family members and our children. Help us to live healthy lifestyles and not just concentrate on ”being skinny.” Help us to remember that skinny doesn’t always mean healthy. In Jesus’ name!

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