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What We Need To Be Teaching Our Daughters

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If you Google “Most Popular Females of 2015,” you will see  names like: Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cirus, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. If you ask your daughter who these people are, more than likely, if they are old enough, they can tell you who these women are and these are the women who are considered to be “excellent role models.”

Growing up being a female is exhausting and now more than ever! We are compared, we are encouraged to be a certain size, we are encouraged to look a certain way. It can be scary raising a daughter in this world, but there is hope. If you are a parent to a daughter, here is several pieces of advice to help you parent a daughter that is dealing with self esteem issues.

Talk it out– If you see that your daughter is having an issue with her self esteem, don’t try to brush it under the rug and thinking that the problem will just work itself out because, let’s be honest, a problem is never fixed by just brushing it under the rug! Talk to your daughter about why she is feeling this way. Did somebody say something to her? Did she hear something that made her feel this way? Did something or someone influence her? Talking with your daughter will bring you to a point in your relationship where you can be open with each other. Don’t overreact to much because that strays away her feeling open. Maybe have a girl’s date so you two can talk it over at lunch or something.

Constantly tell her she is beautiful and has worth– Sometimes when parents aren’t together and Dad’s aren’t around, girls sometimes start looking for that self worth that they are missing or have missed along the way. I am not saying that dads are doing a poor job–and I am not saying that only divorced parents have daughter’s with self esteem issues. It’s important for both parents to express how beautiful their daughter is and let her know she has self worth. If the dad is in the picture, encourage him to take her on a date. Make her feel special. It’s good for Dad’s to respect and be there for their daughter so that when dating time does come, she will demand respect, because that is what she has gotten from the man in her life.

Be aware of the magazines and television shows she watches– Often times, young girls begin to really watch how these celebrities dance, sing, dress, wear their makeup and hair. It really influences them! Make yourself aware of what your daughter is viewing and comparing herself to.

Be a good role model for your daughter– Being overweight even bothers me–to the point where I wanted to be SKINNY! I wasn’t worrying about my health. I was thinking of how I was being a role model to my children just talking about SKINNY all the time. The world says us women should be a size 2 to be normal. Don’t let your children see you talk about your flaws and blemishes. Of course, we all have them, but they don’t define who we are are a person! Watch what you say around your children and how they act.

Find books– If your daughter loves to read, or even if you love to read, there are so many influential books for tweens/teens that are going through the same thing. A lot of the Christian book stores will have a section just for them! Maybe that is a good place to go on the girl’s date. I haven’t read it,but I’ve heard that Sadie Roberton’s book is great!

Do small activities– I was looking on Pinterest on self esteem activities for tweens/teens. There are a handful of activities that you can do with your daughter. Go get a canvas from Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby and make a picture for her room. Tell her to write down everything she loves about herself. Or make a jar! Fill it with positive scriptures, quotes, and things that are good about her and give it to her on the girl’s date. Encourage her to pull those pieces of paper out when she is having a rough day.

Lord, I pray for all the young women who are growing up in this world that we are living in where we constantly are feeling like we have to be perfect. That if we are too skinny we need to gain weight, if we are overweight, we need to lose. Lord, help us and help us to teach our daughters that it isn’t about what is on the outside, but what is on the inside. Lord, help us to raise confident daughters.

Until next time…be encouraged!!!!

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