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Watch Me Whip! Watch Me NaeNae! Yes I DID!-

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Okay, so my older children have came home doing “the whip” and “the naenae.” I had no clue what the heck they were talking about! I try to listen to not only the Christian music, but music that my children like too! But, I had never heard of no naenae on the radio!

All evening, my kids, even the youngest is now singing, “whipping and naenae.” We were standing in line at the grocery store and my oldest kids were acting out for the cashier and making her laugh when one of them starting whipping and naenae in the checkout line! By this time, the teenage cashier was laughing and saying, “I can’t believe you know that song!” I immediately asked her if that was a bad song! She then told me that she didn’t think it was!
We got into the car, and I immediately started looking up the lyrics! Fortunately, the lyrics weren’t bad, but incredibly stupid. Ha! I might have made a “deal” with my kids that if they weren’t bad, I would learn to whip and naenae. I still haven’t got it down! HAHA!

My point for this post is not only to show how incredibly crazy our life is too, but to let parents know it’s okay to check lyrics of a song. If that song would have been bad (like they have been before!) I would have asked them questions like, if if they knew it was bad, if that’s the kind of music they think they should be listening to, and why they like the song. It’s okay to check up on your children. There are so many awful songs in this world that contain cussing, drugs, sex and violence and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my children being influenced by vulgar music. I know that I can’t help what my kids listen to all the time, but hopefully, I would want to believe that my children would stand up for what is right if they knew the song was that bad.

Lord, parenting is crazy sometimes, but thank you for making me a parent! Thank you for my children and thank you for helping me to parent my children! While I’m not with my children, help them make smart decisions about their lives. Thank you for guiding us while parenting. And, if you could, Lord, please help me with my dance skills! I used to think I was something else, now I just look crazy! :)))

Until next time… encouraged!!!!!

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