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It Doesn’t Require THAT Reaction

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Sometimes, kids can be pushy and they can be demanding and they can be irritating. I can recall a time with my children, the other children were running through the store trying to play chase, the younger ones were arguing each other, I was trying to get the 10 things on my grocery list without pulling my hair! We managed to get out of the store and I was furious at these kids and let them have it as soon as we got to the car!
Now, I might have yelled or grounded the kids too long, and even questioned myself, “Should I really have went that far?” There was one time, one of my children was carrying their cereal and didn’t drink their milk (when I had already told them they needed to) and spilled the milk all over my freshly mopped kitchen floor! “I told you you needed to drink your milk!” “Why were you up if you weren’t done!?” “I JUST mopped and you’ve messed up the house and put more work on me!”  “I wish you would just get away for the rest of the day so this house could just stay cleaned for more than 5 seconds!!!” It might not sound as bad, but it sure hurt my child’s feelings.
I was reading an article the other day that said, “It takes 5 minutes to clean up the spilled milk but it takes forever for them to get the hurtful words out of their minds.” It really struck me then…and this has been years sine the spilled milk in the kitchen had happened. But this got me thinking, how many times have me or my husband reacted and it’s cut our children deep, but the problem could have been solved in a couple of minutes. Yes, kids will make messes. Yes, kids will make mistakes. I am not trying to say kids shouldn’t be corrected or disciplined, but sometimes we let the weight of the world come out on our children.

Yesterday, I was talking about how parents react poorly over their children not doing “best” in sports events. We tend to do the same during grades. Yes, we want our children to do their best and make good grades, but if they aren’t, then why aren’t they?

My point is, we don’t need to belittle our or to make them feel like a moron in order to get our point across. Yes, we are the adults, and sometimes we overstep our boundaries just a tad bit when we are the authority.

Lord, I pray over relationships with parents and their children. I pray that you will show parents the correct way to get to their children and that their children will understand. I pray for the children that have had parents that have been too rough while parenting, I pray that they can heal from the past and the things their parents have told them. I have been guilty of being “too hard” on my children, may they forgive me for that. I pray for guidance while parenting.
Until next time….be encouraged!!!

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