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Are You THAT Parent?

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I see it all the time and hear about it all the time, so I thought that I would write about it. I was sitting there, enjoying watching the game. It was very pleasant, until IT happened. The boy that was up to bat had two strikes on him. The boy’s father began to yell, “How many times have we pitched and you hit the ball?” “You can do better than that!” The boy was so distracted, the mom looking embarrassed, the boy got his final strike and had to head back to the dugout. It wasn’t 30 seconds, the dad was over at the dugout, yelling more at his son. The son, just sitting there taking it.

I was at a pageant watching the girls get ready. One mom was asking the other, “how do you get your daughter to stand still at each of the stopping points?” The other mom replied, “Oh if she doesn’t stand the way she is supposed to, she knows that she will not get a snack.”

As I sit here and think about all the times that I have heard parents yelling at their children during sporting events, or yelling at the coaches because they don’t think the coaches are doing their job correctly, or maybe coaches overacting over small stuff. Granted, I know that we want our children to win, I know that we want our children to do our best, but I think we worry so much about how our children look because if our children are winning and looking good then we get bragging rights. But, if they are striking out, not standing still, or doing the correct dance moves, we throw a fit..publicly.

This is life, sometimes we get so caught up in the moment, we don’t watch what we are saying. We don’t think that what we are saying will hurt or really mess with our children’s feelings towards us and towards playing sports. We expect perfect in our eyes, and if it is anything less, we throw a fit, we yell, we scream, and we even cuss.

A friend of mine, she was such an amazing track star. I mean, you can improve your running, but there is just so much you can push your body and make yourself run faster. I guess her father didn’t think she ran her best during a race. He yelled out while running on the field. The girl was humiliated. She told me that she hated her father for pushing her so hard. He wasn’t a supporter, he was beating her down and telling her she could always do best. She could never do her best with him. There was something she could always improve. She admitted that she had never heard her dad say how well she did. He never seemed proud, he just always told her how she could do better. Still to this day, she doesn’t want her children involved in sports because her father is still living and she doesn’t want her father doing her children the same way as he did her.

Isn’t this an awful story or stories?? But, be honest with yourself..have you ever acted this way? Have you ever made your child feel like they aren’t good enough? Do you build them up or break them down? Think about it!

Lord, we thank you for our children. If we are acting poorly at their activities, please show us where we are doing wrong and please help us to be better in this area. Show us how we can improve and build up our children instead of  breaking them down. Help us to build good relationships with our children!

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