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The “Baby Pass.” Can the Baby in the Family Get Away With “Murder?”

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Often times if we have multiple children, we fall into letting our youngest child have the “baby pass,” and sometimes, we don’t even realize we are doing it. For instance, my husband and I have yours, mine and ours scenario. Well, we knew the baby was going to be spoiled. It was a planned child. A baby we had prayed for. When our baby was born, it wasn’t that the baby was more important that the other children we had…but we knew it was our last child so we babied the baby too much!
One day, one of our oldest children was very upset at being punished. It wasn’t the bratty, “I’m so spoiled and how dare you punish me” type of upset, but it was sincere hurting, upset. Our oldest child began to weep tears of how the baby never gets in trouble, how we just think the baby is so cute and never does anything wrong, and how the baby needed to start getting in trouble more!
At the time, I really didn’t think too much about it, but we began having major tantrum issues with the baby! And it hit me! My oldest child was right! We let my youngest get away with anything and it had gotten out of control! At the littlest whimper, our baby got exactly what they wanted! That is when we realized, we weren’t running our house…..our toddler was!
We began to really start trying to enforce some rules with our toddler, which was an even bigger nightmare. Our toddler didn’t share at church, had fussy tantrums, told us ‘no.’ How could we let our baby become such a little monster? I mean, with our previous children, we were all about “yes ma’am,” no ma’am,” yes sir,” no sir,” thank you,” you’re welcome,” sorry.” So, what made things with the baby so different?
After months of strict discipline with the baby, things began to get a little better. We still have times, even years later, where I try to pull the, “Well, you are older!” “You should know better.” Well, in all reality, the baby knows better too!
We all tend to baby the baby too much, but we never intend to hurt our other children in the process. Talking to my oldest child, they’ve expressed to me how they have felt like I liked the baby more. My husband and I never meant to make our baby a spoiled, unruly child that believed they didn’t have to mind…but it happened. If you see yourself being THAT parent…try to do equal punishment because believe it or not, if you have other children, they see it and believe you are picking favorites! I think we start to become THAT parent when we bring the baby home and start giving the baby so much attention, we can’t put our other children to the side.
Lord, we know babies are blessing, but we pray that we won’t treat the babies of the family any different than our other children. Show us that they need some sort of discipline too. Teach us the best way to parent our children–each of them.
Until next time…be encouraged!!!


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