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Marriage Posts in April

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I know I really didn’t end up writing each day in April about marriage, but I came close to it. I wanted to touch on the most important things on marriage for the month of April. I chose the month of April because that it the month that my marriage got the biggest wake up call.

So, how is your marriage? What do you have the most issues with? Finances, kids, addictions, disconnections? We would be lying to ourselves and in complete denial if we didn’t believe that our marriages will occasionally have issues. All marriages go through trials and tribulations, but  the most important thing to always remember is to never give up on our marriages. Just like it says in the movie Fireproof, “Never leave your partner in a fire.”
On your worse times of your marriages, remember that you and your spouse are not on seperate teams, but are on the same team. If you look at all of the marriages that have lasted over 25 years, you will probably hear of couples having issues–disagreements–separating for one another and maybe even at the brink of divorce. The longest couples have been through the most.

Make up your mind that your marriage will not fail. Pray for your marriage. Forgive your spouse. Try your hardest. Never mention the “D” word. Know that you will have bad times in your marriage, bad times doesn’t equal a bad marriage. Strive to make your spouse happy. Strive to make your spouse smile. Know that your spouse isn’t perfect and never put them on that pedestal. Make time for your spouse. If you have issues, talk about it.  Love your spouse.

Lord, I pray for everyone who is reading this blog, everyone who has subscribed and is following this blog. I pray that marriages are being restored. I pray that marriages are getting stronger. I pray that couples are loving the most through their most hardest times. Lord, guide us in our marriages.

Stay tuned for what else has to offer. In the month of May, we will be talking about parenting. Don’t hold me to posting something everyday, because yes, that became a bit of a challenge in the month of April! I hope you will follow, like, pin, share the posts that you think will benefit yourself or even people in your life.
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Until next time….be encouraged!!!!


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