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Praying for Your Spouse


Many years ago, I was going to a church that was so prayerful. They were constantly telling us how important it was to pray about everything. Things that we needed, things that we wanted, and people in our lives. I don’t know if I just didn’t know how to pray or I just never really thought about praying for people. I mean, I prayed for people, but only if they were sick.
It wasn’t until a lady came up to me and asked me boldly if I prayed for my husband. I told her that I didn’t really pray for him. She was completely shocked. She told me everyday that I went without praying for my husband it was like a day was going by that I was not putting an investment into my marriage. I really began to think about this. How would I pray for my husband? What would I say?
I started going to these prayer meetings and women’s conferences and really began to learn how to “Pray for my husband.” So, maybe you are in the same position that I was in and either don’t pray for your husband because you don’t know how or you really haven’t thought about praying for anyone if nothing was actually wrong with them. I’ve also heard, “Why would I pray for someone when God already knows?” I believe that that is true. God does know, but how much more significant your prayers mean to God or how closer praying for your spouse you will become.
I know, it sounds crazy about becoming more close. But, as you begin to pray and the more you pray, the more you will start caring and really learning more about your spouse. We have a prayer chain at our church. People that are needing prayers will add themselves to the chain and the prayerful people in the church will pray for them. I can recall one man that was on our prayer chain. He had cancer, and it was very quick that he was diagnosed and he became very sick. I kept up with this man–his doctors appointments, his test results..everything. I really didn’t know this man, per say, but I really felt connected to this man. I really began praying for this man. A couple months passed, and this man passed away. I had known of this man, but not really had a personal relationship with him and it completely broke my heart when he passed away. Not like the, “Oh, I feel so sorry for his family,” no, this was sad, depressing, crying over this man’s death.
When we truly care about something, we invest time in it. So, start investing in time praying for your spouse. If you don’t know how, start out small. If you become disconnected and feel like you know nothing about your spouse, it can be difficult to pray for your spouse. But, it is doable. You can pray for the stranger you see on the street AND you can definitely pray for your spouse!
When is the best time to pray? In the shower? On the way to work? Getting ready in the morning? Take a couple minutes out of your day and really begin praying for your husband.
Several things to pray over-

  • Pray over your spouse’s day. Do they have a stressful work day? Pray that they will have a productive, stress-free day. Is there temptation at work? Pray that your spouse will not have any temptations of this world distract them from your marriage. Promotion coming up? Praying favor, that if it is God’s will they get the job, that they will. You get the picture, right?
  • Pray deeper into your spouse’s life. Do they have anger issues? Pray that God will reveal their anger issues to them. Sometimes things happen in our spouse’s lives that causes them the default emotion? Anger. Pray for your spouse and their issues.
  • Pray protection of your spouse’s life- As they travel, as they are at work, as they are at the gym.
    You know your spouse, I don’t! You know their needs, so pray for them! I am challenging you to start small and pray for your spouse!

Lord, I pray that you show us how to pray for our spouse. We may feel disconnected from one another, but Lord, they have needs just like we have needs, so please show us how to pray. Let communication open up between us. As we pray for our spouse’s, let us feel more connected and begin to care more for our spouse. If we are feeling disconnected, help restore our marriage!
Until next time…be encouraged!!!!

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