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I Want to Hear From You! Check In


I have been blogging for almost a month. If you have been following, you know that this month has been all about marriage. I have shared my experiences of my marriage and shared advice, but I am looking for some guest bloggers! I have received some e-mails from readers asking to pray and sharing their stories. If you are comfortable with sharing what God has done in your marriage, please e-mail your story to If you are a blog owner, I will promote your blog, and list your story. I am looking for short stories, maybe up to 500 words.

Some more news….I have gotten a little bit more social and joined Twitter! Follow me! @holds_to_hope

If you are liking what you are reading, don’t forget to share on Facebook, or Twitter, Pin it on Pinterest, or e-mail it to a friend!

If you are needing prayer, don’t forget to ask! I can add you to the prayer wall or you can e-mail me privately.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Until next time…be encouraged!

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