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Making Time for Your Spouse


Making Time for Your Spouse

I have talked a lot about the importance of spending time with your spouse and making time for them. When is the last time you and your spouse had a date? What about having a conversation without any interruptions from children or distractions of technology? Or, how about the last time you let your spouse know that you were thinking of them or doing a kind gesture to let them know how much they mean to you?

A couple of year ago, my husband and I never had date nights! If we did have date nights, it was we had at least one child with us. Which, looking back, that wasn’t a date night. If we tried to have time to ourselves at home, like a movie date night, my youngest child was probably stuck to my breast because I had made myself a human pacifier. Which, looking back on that, that wasn’t a date night either! Let’s face it, my husband and I did not know how to separate ourselves from children, from technology, from work and just have one on one time!

Do you ever wish that you would have known then what you know now? If my husband and I would have known how disconnected we were getting from another another just by not making time for one another, we probably would have saved ourselves from a lot of issues a long the way But, we didn’t! So, I am encouraging all couples to make time for their spouses.

I have given some ideas on the blog post of mine, “Getting back to the butterflies and fireworks in our marriage.” But, in case you missed that blog post, I’m giving several ideas and challenging you to start making time for your spouse! Starting TODAY!!!

Plan a date night- I am not talking about the the date nights that I described above. There are no kids, technology, or distractions allowed on the date nights I am talking about. If you can’t get a sitter, then that’s okay. My husband and I have started once a month letting the kids have a “kids night.” Which means, the kids get the house to themselves…kind of. We fix pizzas, nachos, get junk food. We take them to Redbox and let them pick out a movie or a game for the Wii. And they love the thought of kicking us out on the porch so they can have the house! If you have younger kids, maybe put them to bed early (even if it’s 30 minutes) and spend that 30 minutes talking to your spouse. Try when you are talking to your spouse, not to bring up kids or work or problems in your marriage. Just hang out like you would if you were dating. Laugh. Bring up silly memories. Make silly memories. Hang out!!!

Text/E-mail your spouse- Make time during your busy day to text your spouse a silly selfie of yourself. If you need some romance, send a sexy picture of yourself! Ha! I’m serious! Text your spouse an “I love you and miss you” text message. Think of something recently that your spouse has done and text them that you appreciated that gesture.

Do an act of kindness- Sometimes, it can be hard to make yourself do an act of kindness for your spouse if you are not having a good period in your marriage. But, an act of kindness might be JUST what your spouse needs to perk up. Do an act of kindness for your spouse. Wake up a couple minutes before them and take them coffee in bed, start their car on cold mornings, pack their lunch, do a chore that they absolutely hate doing, leave them a sticky note on their windshield, have flowers delivered to them, buy their favorite candy and leave it on their side of the bed for their bedtime snack,surprise them with a date night that you have already planned, or post a picture of you two on Facebook. There are many different ways to show you care. It doesn’t always have to involve money.

Lord, I pray that you allow couples to really start reuniting! That you show them how to make time for their spouses! I pray that marriages are being restored! I pray that couples are feelings a love and connection for their spouses that they have never felt or haven’t felt in a long time. Help us with our marriages!

Until next time…be encouraged!

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