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Advice from Aunt Lo!

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“Advice from a woman who has seen pain..”

My husband and I recently met up with a perfect stranger. This lady, who we call “Aunt Lo,”  really opened up her life story to us. She was a hard-working mother and wife. After 29 years of marriage, she “lost her husband to another woman.”

She began her storry by telling us how she was always a hard-working woman. Even at 74 years old, when we met her, she was still a hard at work.  She told us at how she was so heartbroken to have had her husband leave her with children to take care and a grandchild on the way. After the heartache began to wear off, she really began to think about how her marriage went wrong. How could she have lost her husband that was so in love with her for years? How did they grow apart? How had she not know that her husband had been seeing another woman for almost a year before leaving her? These are some of the questions that really played on her heart.

She said that her number one mistake was not making time for JUST her husband and her. She said that she was guilty about always trying to include her children because she didn’t want them to feel left out. She said that her husband had suggested that they take a trip to Hawaii, and she insisted on bringing the children. Her husband often sent flowers asking to go out to dinner and she would get her children ready and take them on the date too. She said if she could have taken it back, she would make time for just her and her husband, because now she lives alone and has for many years. Her children have moved on and she is without a husband and on her own!

She said she was too wrapped up in work, caring for others, and not caring for the man that she promised to spend the rest of her life with. She said even though she had to work to make ends meet, she said she wished that she would have spent more time with her husband. She cared for people for a living and she said she cared for the people that she worked for far for than she cared for her husband.

Having an affair is definitely not the way to go, either. By writing these blog posts, they aren’t excusing spouse’s having an affair. But, possible it’s not too late to fix your marriage and make it the best. Love your spouse, take care of them and keep them first.

Tune in tomorrow for some more marriage advice! Share this, pin it, e-mailit!

Until next time…be encouraged!

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