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Why Do We Pray?

girl-15599__180 I have always considered myself to be a prayerful person. Even if it was the prayer of, “Oh Lord, don’t let that cop give me a speeding ticket..just let it be a warning!!” (Don’t even try to judge, you know you’ve done it too!) But, really, growing up, I guess I was never really taught to pray other than the, “God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for this food.” My cousins and I had it memorized. We all said it together. It wasn’t until started having a relationship and somebody telling me that God wants to hear from us, when I really considered praying meaningful prayers. But, why should we pray? Why do we pray if God is supposed to already know what is going  to come out of our mouths? This was something that never crossed my mind because I’ve never really been the person to pick apart things. Now, my husband on the other hand, he picks apart. He wants to know the history of things, and why we should be doing what we are doing and when we are doing it. I guess that’s just he knowledge-driven person he is.

But, back to the question. Why you do we pray? Have you ever been in love? Remember when you first fell in love with THAT person and you just couldn’t get enough of them. You wanted to talk on the phone for hours, you wanted to see their face. That is exactly how God feels about us. Yes, He knows our needs, what we will say, but God loves to hear you voice. Your voice is precious to Him. And when you talk to Him, He loves watching your face. A sweet guy who really ministers to me put this prayer vision in my mind. God wants to hear from you. As a matter of fact, He can’t wait to hear your voice. As a day, or a week or even a month goes by, like anyone we love and would be sad if we didn’t talk to for that long–I believe God feels that way towards us. He never goes anywhere. He misses us when we don’t talk to Him. And, as we talk to Him, we are building an intimate relationship with Him.

I’ve had seasons in my life where I don’t feel close to God. But, it wasn’t God that had moved, it was me. God loves us so much. If we could just grasp that concept. God cares for us. He hurts when we hurt. Believe that. So, just like any friend or lover or family member, schedule a date to talk with God.

Lord, I pray that we draw closer to You, because it says in Your Word that if we draw close to you, you will draw close to us. Lord, let us see and feel your love. Put it on our hearts to pray for family, friends and even strangers because you want to hear our prayers. Lord, let us have a deeper relationship with you like never before. As we pray to you, I pray that we just grow deeper in love with You.

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Until next encouraged!!!!

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