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What Are You Saying?


To be honest, one thing about me is that when something happens in my life, something major, I instantly go into panic, worry, freak-out mode. I begin to think negative thoughts and even sometimes speak negatively. The song by Toby Mac, “Speak Life,” has really been on my heart over the past couple days as I’ve been wondering and asking God ideas on what to blog about.

This past year has been really hard. My husband and I have had an awful “bump” in our marriage, I’ve lost people that I love, I’ve had to make hard decisions, I’ve been negative about the things that I’ve went through. I will speak more on marriage things, but without saying to much, I didn’t know if my marriage would make it this past year. Throughout this year, I told myself negative things like, “I can’t do this,” “My marriage will never work,” “My marriage will never be the same,” “Maybe divorce is the answer.”

One day, I heard a friend, who too was having a hard time in their marriage, speak the same exact things that I had been speaking about mine. My friend had went through similar things in their marriage. They didn’t know if it would work, how it could work and maybe that divorce was the way to go. Instead of agreeing, I gave them the scripture that talks about how life and death is in the power of the tongue. It was then I realized that I was a negative person. I have always doubted what I was capable of doing.

Your issue doesn’t have to be necessarily marriage. If you just listen and pay attention to yourself and to other people, you will notice how many people and how many times that we speak so negative about situations that we are dealing with. “I will never lose this weight” “I will never get that job” “I will never finish all this work in time” “My kid will never sleep through the night” “Why work on my marriage, it will never change.” We don’t notice, but we speak death into situations all the time.

I am still working to speak life into situations, and as Toby Mac puts it, “Speak life, into the deadest, darkest night.” We might not see how in the world God is going to work things out, but we’ve got to trust Him. We’ve got to speak life into every negative, hard, depressing, situation that we face. I challenge you to speak life into something, or if you notice someone that is speaking death into a situation, encourage them to speak life. Be positive! Don’t give up! Never lose faith! Hold on to hope!

Until next time…be encouraged.

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  1. I stumbled on your write-up, its interesting to me because my last write-up was about looking at Jesus, not the storms, not our situations. I do pray for your friend that as she speaks life to her situation that God’s light will shine forth. Amen.

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