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Do you need some hope today?

I don’t have much to say today, I am still unsure how to get my blog out there in the world. But, if by chance, you are reading this today…or any another day, know that I have prayed for you today. I think that we live in such a world of a lot of broken, hurt people. If you are hurting today, if your life is in a difficult situation, then let me pray with you today and just be in agreement with me.

Lord God, I pray for anyone who comes across this blog. I pray that they feel encouraged by the words I’m speaking to them. I pray that you will use my situations that have happened to me through out my life to minister to someone and encourage someone. Lord, let these broken, helpless people know that they aren’t alone with their feelings. Lord, whatever they may be going through in their dark period of their life, may you shine some light on it. Give them peace about their situations. Give them understanding about their situation. If their marriages are hurting, Lord, I’m asking you to restore it. Whatever the enemy has wanted to take away from our marriages, Lord, you promise to give it back to us double what was stolen. Thank you Lord, for never leaving or forsaking us. Amen.

Share this with someone who needs some encouragement today!!!

Until next time…be encouraged.

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  1. I feel so alone at times, and reading someone is experiencing the same makes me feel less alone. This is really beautiful. We all need a little prayer

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