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God, where are you?

Have you ever just sat there and wondered, “God, where are you?” I can recall one time, I was driving around in my car, my kids were fighting in the backseat and not listening to me, my husband and I had been fighting for several days over stupid, little nothings and I was thinking “God, where are you?” With tears streaming down my face, I felt so weak. I had prayed for God to give me strength, but still, I felt so hopeless. . Why wasn’t my marriage working? Why weren’t my kids listening? Why was I always depressed? What was wrong with me? What was I doing that was so wrong? I was always at church when the doors were open, I posted and listened to nothing but Christian music. WHY???!!!

I believe we all get to thinking at one time, “God, where are you?” A lot of things might trigger this thought that we have probably more than once in our lives. Maybe you are going through a season in your life where you are wondering where He is.

Have you ever read the book of Job in he Bible? Oh my gosh! If you could think of the worse things happening, it probably happened to Job. Job lost his children (Job 1:19), he had horrible sores on his feet to the top of his head (Job 2:7) and by this time, Job’s wife started getting down on him and telling him to just curse God! (Job 2:9) This isn’t even the beginning of what Job experienced in his life. Job experiences a lot of misery in his life, but he kept being patient..although, Job did wonder why he was going through what he did.

The answer, God is with us. He promises to never leave or forsake us. I knew that scripture, and still felt lonely. If we question God and wonder why we are going through the things that we do, I believe that it’s okay.  God is big enough for our questions. I believe we will find his answers if we will just be still and listen.

Whatever you are going through or have been going through, know that God hasn’t gone anywhere…He is with you. He will answer you, just look for His answers. I have found that God gives me my answers sometimes while I am reading the Bible encouragement from a friend, a song on the radio, or just by the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart. God cares for you, He sees your struggles and whether we feel it at the time or not, He’s giving us strength.

We will have times where we are in the valley and can’t see the light at the tunnel, but know that it’s coming and you are not alone. We will have times where we are on the mountain and everything is right in place in life…if that is you, reach out to someone who is hurting. I believe God uses our struggles in life to make us stronger people and make it to where we can minister to other broken people. The encouragement just keeps moving from person to person.

I hope that this post find you well, and if it doesn’t , I pray that you get strength and peace for your situation. DO NOT GIVE UP!! Your tests become your testimonies and your messes become your messages!!

Until next time…be encouraged!!!

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